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How to use the Mobile Media Indicator?

5 min read Moving average (MA) it is one of the most used technical indicators, and for good reason - it is a simple and effective indicator. The moving average is based on past prices and can be classified as a trend indicator. Measure the average price for a...

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What is the best time for trading?

5 min read Those of you who are interested in Forex will have already noticed that trading results depend on the time of day. This phenomenon can be easily explained through the concept of trading sessions. Forex is an active market 24/5, this means that currency...

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Technical analysis and how to use it

7 min read In this blog we often discuss technical analysis and its details, providing some strategies and explaining the functioning of the indicators. However, not all traders, especially those who have just started exploring financial markets, can understand what...

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Learn to evaluate stocks as a professional

6 min read IQ Option offers a large amount of products related to equities: the list of companies available in the CFD section is really long. Obviously, to be able to improve your trading on this type of instruments you have to be able to evaluate a company. Read...

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Is the next financial crisis coming?

3 min read According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 14 of the 19 bear market signals have already occurred. The US stock market continues to slip. The S & P 500 index lost 3% of its value in just 24 hours, and 9% considering a period of three weeks. The Bank of...

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How to use Bollinger Bands in daily trading

8 min read Bollinger Bands are an indicator of technical analysis that allows to effectively predict the future behavior of the price chart. What are Bollinger Bands? Bollinger Bands are composed of a moving average and two bands associated with it. The latter...

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Get the most out of options and Forex

7 min read What are FX Options and what do you need to do to try them out? In today's article we will take a closer look at the most recent innovation introduced among our trading instruments. FX Options combine the features of the ordinary and Forex options. Does...

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The human side of trading – market psychology

5 min read All traders are human beings (remember that there is still no robot capable of achieving consistent results in trading). As a result, human psychology plays a fundamental role in financial markets, be it securities, bonds, currencies or commodities....

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The reasons why you might want to trade in oil

2 min read According to CNBC we are about to see a great deal of opportunities to trade in the oil market. And all thanks to President Trump. The US administration is about to impose a series of sanctions on crude oil against Iran, the introduction of which is...

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5 important laws of technical analysis

4 min read John Murphy is an icon of technical analysis and a talented writer. This article is a collection of his suggestions for traders. 1. Map the trend The trend is not always easy to identify. Sometimes it is necessary to use various technical analysis tools to...

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Trading with the RSI indicator – Tips and tricks

7 min read The relative strength index, or RSI, is a momentum oscillator used to measure the speed and magnitude of the directional price movements. The indicator makes it possible to determine the levels of overbought / oversold, as well as providing signals of...

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Tesla shows excellent sales, Musk gives way

2 min read During the last quarter, the most valuable American car manufacturer on the market was on a roller coaster. Tesla demonstrated significant results at the end of the quarter, providing 83,500 new vehicles in just 3 months. The price of the TSLA shares...

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