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Here's how the perfect price inversion looks

Trading patterns are the daily bread of Forex traders and it is no surprise that inversion patterns play a particularly important role in trading, since they allow us to determine the optimal entry and exit points. Here's how to identify and use price inversions in...

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How to improve your results with Japanese candles?

How to improve your results with Japanese candles?

Japanese candles - improve your results with these simple winning tips Japanese candles are a very common technical analysis tool. Using them can allow you to learn something new (which is always important in trading) and to improve your results. Read the full article...

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How much money to invest in a single operation?

4 min read Let's start with a small example. Imagine two traders. The trader A it can boast a 50% payout rate, an average profit of $ 200 and an average loss of $ 100. The trader B has a 75% payout rate, but also has an average profit of $ 100 and an average loss...

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What kind of trader are you?

6 min read Trading style is a reflection of your personality. Some people give their best in action and in high-pace environments, while others analyze the conditions thoroughly before making a decision, some love reading, while others have a more visual nature. One...

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How to Use the Indicator in Intraday Trading

7 min read Parabolic SAR is an indicator of technical analysis developed by J. Welles Wilder. It was first described in 1978 in Wilder's book "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems". SAR stands for "stop and reverse" and track price...

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What to do when the market is flat?

5 min read At any moment in the market can move in three directions: up, down or sideways. As you may already know, the flat market (that is, that moves sideways) is considered by many to be the ideal time to trade. The point is that when the market is flat, it is...

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Seasonal patterns on the stock market

3 min read Virtually every aspect of our life has a seasonal character. Equity markets are no exception. This is a phenomenon that is difficult to explain, but it is possible to take advantage of seasonality to your advantage. And not just medium and long-term...

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Bitcoin loses 12% in 24 hours

3 min read Bitcoin has lost more than 12% of its value over 24 hours and is now trading at $ 5,673, a price level that had not been registered since October 2017. In December 2017 a BTC was worth almost $ 20,000. Is this the end of all hope for those who still awaited...

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3 triangle pattern to know and use in trading

6 min read Triangles are among the most important chart patterns a trader can serve, read on to find out how to apply them in trading. Three triangles that all traders should know Chart patterns can really help you identify the most lucrative trading opportunities....

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What to do when the trend is directed against you?

4 min read We all know the feeling you get when the market turns against you and you have nothing left to do but watch your position slowly deteriorate. Without a doubt it is something that nobody wishes. However, every trader will have to face this problem sooner or...

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How to make money lose $ 2,000,000 with day trading

6 min read This article contains a list of suggestions that Kyle Eschenroeder has provided to his fellow traders, a former professional speculator, Kyle witnessed a friend's $ 2,000,000 win, which however lost them in just one trading day. Why could it be useful...

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