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5 min read Trading patterns are the daily bread of Forex traders and it is no surprise that inversion patterns play a particularly important role in trading, since they allow us to determine the optimal entry and exit points. Here's how to identify and use price inversions in trading. Because [...]

Here's how the perfect price inversion looks

7 min read The Forex market, or simply FX (from "foreign exchange"), it is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world that allows traders to buy one currency using another. When you buy a particular currency, assume that its price will increase compared to other currencies and [...]

Forex trading explained. All market concepts in an article

6 min read Japanese candles are a very common technical analysis tool. Using them can allow you to learn something new (which is always important in trading) and to improve your results. Read the full article to reach a deeper understanding of the candle patterns. Four tips for traders who [...]

Improve your results with these simple winning tips

7 min read Most professional traders agree that Forex requires setting targets in terms of stop-loss and profit, which often have greater prominence than the entry points themselves. Due to the fact that currency pairs tend to perform within certain support and resistance targets, useful stop-loss and take profit targets [...]

Use the Stochastic with support and resistance levels

4 min read Let's start with a small example. Imagine two traders. The trader A it can boast a 50% payout rate, an average profit of $ 200 and an average loss of $ 100. The trader B has a 75% payout rate, but also has an average profit of [...]

How much money to invest in a single operation?

5 min read Trading ranges can be a real obstacle for beginners as well as experts traders. These are periods in which prices show a lateral trend, often irregular, and in which the technical signals that in regular conditions would generate gains falter, then vanish immediately. The bad news is [...]

When there is no trend – Trading on the flat ...

6 min read Trading style is a reflection of your personality. Some people give their best in action and in high-pace environments, while others analyze the conditions thoroughly before making a decision, some love reading, while others have a more visual nature. One thing is certain: we are all different. [...]

What kind of trader are you?

8 min read The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is an indicator of technical analysis of the oscillator type. It is used to identify the emerging trend and determine the levels of overbought and oversold. The indicator was presented for the first time in 1980 by Donald Lambert in the magazine [...]

Practical applications of the Commodity Channel Index

4 min read What if there was a trading strategy that works regardless of the direction of the trend? Well, it exists, and it's called the straddle strategy. Is it really possible to speculate on the financial markets when it is not possible to predict the exact direction of the [...]

Determine entry and exit points with the straddle strategy

9 min read Support and resistance levels are important levels displayed on the asset graph, which serve as a reference for the price. Trading on breakthroughs and inversions is a popular method for determining entry points. The support and resistance lines are the most obvious technical analysis indicator. At the [...]

How to use levels of support and resistance in trading