iqoption signals – automatic trading signals 4

IQ Option: IQ Option signals – automatic trading signals

IQ Option signals – automatic trading signals

Is it possible to use automatic trading signals on iqoption? Do you know about good automatic signals software working on iqoption. Are they any good? Are they profitable?

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I believe you should develop your own trading system. I do not recommend to use trading signals. What do you think about it? What is your opinion?


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4 thoughts on “iqoption signals – automatic trading signals

    • ben

      What an industry! I suspect the reason there are no signal or auto traders compatible with IQ options is because of there 10 dollar low minimum deposit. There isn’t enough room to pay commission to the scammers and affiliate marketers peddling those worthless systems.

      • Post author

        Hi Ben,

        I am afraid there may be a lot of truth. The best is to learn and practice on paper, then start slowly. If you get rid of emotions and develop system you believe in you become one of the best autotrader! … and if you lose money you be the only one to blaim. If you be successful I do not think you would share your system for few bucks.