Do you think you have been cheated by iqoption? – where to complain 8

IQ Option: Have you been cheated by iqoption?

Is IQ Option cheating traders – opinions – who to contact with the complain

IQoption is licensed and reliable broker with one of the best terms in the market. Because it is regulated by CySec scam or cheat may cause of them loosing the license. So far so good. This is very popular broker who invest heavily in their in-house software. This is the strong reason to use iqoption. Most other brokers buy and use ‘white label’ solution.

Who to contact in case of complain.

Have you been cheated by iqoption? We hope not. We promote IQ Option services but any cases of possible fraud should be first resolved first by contact with the broker itself. Here is a complaint email address:

[email protected]

I am sure your issue will be solved quickly by professional IQ Option team.

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8 thoughts on “Do you think you have been cheated by iqoption? – where to complain

  • Avatar
    Jelena vardulens

    You forgot to note that on weekends there is only one trade option with 40% optin on turbo or 30% on binary options. That is cheating, because you stating it is 24/7 opportunitie to trade with up to 80 with something percent. One of the reasons why I have chosen iq options was weekend trading facilities. And other, why all the time when I come in all graphics start to change? They are sturdy and nice while im not in and when im in it starts real bounce dance. It looks like scam.
    Pleace note that this is an official complain that will go in public to prove people you are/or not scam. And I do have screanshots and evidences for all matters I have noted. Hope to your optional and quick response.

    • Post author

      Hi Jelena, weekend trading has less liquidity and OTC transaction are made directly between two parties, without going public. That is why these transactions do not appear in any way on the other platforms.

  • Avatar
    shankar devanand

    for 3th time i do options with robot.
    we have 3 account linked in 1.
    now we get emails to pay because of this 5% fees before withdrawal and after 5% again.
    its email with adrees iff iqoptions iqoptionssupport write no fees are required.
    thinks somebody is scamming me. i donot like. what is right or wrong here.

  • Avatar
    wensley searle

    i cant log into my account since the app upgraded. The app doesnt work anymore…… i deposited money and now cant do anything. how do i get my money back or what other way is there to log into my acount/

  • Avatar
    Andrew Black

    I withdrew Money onto my Card (Debit) however It never reached my Bank I complained and my Manager Antonis Ioannou has since given me the run around .

    He refuses to answer my Questions. And Refuses to Give me a Address, he is asking for a Bank Statement which I regards as personal but then wants me to take a photo of it and send it to his Email Address, again refusing to give me a Address, he claims the money has been paid however its clearly not been received by my Bank, The amount is very small just £160 and any trust I have in IQ Options is gone, its a Poor Set up with no real back up if things like this happen.

    I am very unhappy with the Manager who will not allow me to escalate this up. this is Very Poor indeed