Good platform for scalping in Binary Options

Scalping in 60 seconds trading

Scalping binary options timeFor scalping in Binary Options you use 60 seconds options. On IQ Option you have first 30 seconds to make trades then last 30 seconds is a close for trading. But not exactly, you can open new 60 seconds option anytime during closeout period.

The most important in scalping are the payout rates. I check the rates of few good reputable Binary Option Brokers and compared them to iqoptions.

The comparison is:

    • BancDeBinary (company is closed now) – 70% payout

Feel free to compare to others

    • RoboOption (company is closed now) – 71% payout

Feel free to compare to others.

  • IQOption – various payout for successful trade but usually around 905%. Please check the official website for the current %.

The other factor is less important but crucial for traders with small wallet. If you have $100 to invest having option to start scalping risking 1% of your wallet in one transaction is important. Also psychologically. I wouldn’t risk more than 1% of your wallet by scalping. The reason is that you may open few trades during 30 seconds and few other trades in new option when 1st one is still in closeout period. If you risk 5% in one trade during 60 seconds and open few trades that could represent even 50% of your wallet. In case all trades end ‘out of the money’ you may be screwed psychologically and make mistakes trying to rebound. For small wallets find broker with the lowest possible minimal transactions. IQ Option offer $1 and if you take into consideration 25-45% guaranteed return it can be as low as 0.55-0 .45 cents.

This 10% can convert a loosing trader into successful one. Please comment below if you find a good broker with high payouts and low minimal transaction.


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