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Let's take a look at an often underestimated feature, called "Market Analysis". You can access it from the bottom left corner of the trade room. Most traders will find it very useful. Why? Because in essence there are 4 functionalities in one: smart newsfeed, Forex calendar, calendar budgets and cryptocurrency calendar. No matter what the object of your trading, you will surely find interesting information to use later in trading.

The Market Analysis feature and where to find it

Smart newsfeed

Thanks to this feature you can have access to all the most important news, collected in one place. You will not need to consult external sources. The most important events, which have the ability to move the markets, will all be bought in the smart newsfeed section. This functionality is based entirely on reliable sources and current information.

Forex Calendar

The exchange rate of national currencies is generally influenced by the most important news and statements (political or economic). That's why it's so important to follow them and stay up to date on the most recent events. Economic budgets, interest rate decisions and interventions by central bank presidents – in other words, anything that can affect the exchange rate of the major currencies, but also the exotic ones – you'll find it all here. Remember that you can filter news based on their impact, country or category.

Budget Calendar

This section applies to those engaged in trading with CFDs. The fundamental factors play an extremely important role in the formation of the share price. Once per quarter, all publicly traded companies publish a balance sheet of earnings, revealing the data on their financial results. Knowing the date of publication of the balance sheet and the estimated profits can be of great importance for your future operations.

Cryptocurrency calendar

For those involved in cryptocurrency trading there is a special section dedicated to industry news. Cryptocurrencies can rise or fall by hundreds of dollars following the most important statements. Being a technology-based asset class, they are largely dependent on the technology sector. Do not be surprised that most of the statements in this section refer to updates and technological developments.

Follow the news and forecast the price trend of your favorite assets with the Market Analysis.

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