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5 min read As you probably already know, there is no single "best" indicator of technical analysis. Each of them is right for a given moment and for a given place. However, if they had to choose their favorite tools, many traders would answer "the MACD". The moving average convergence [...]

MACD – the king of indicators

3 min read Apple does not disappoint market expectations and releases good financial data for the fiscal quarter ended June 30. The share rises by almost 5% compared to yesterday's close, coming close to $ 200. The company, moreover, because of these data, is also close to the psychological limit [...]

Apple does not disappoint expectations

3 min read The hot season of the quarterly continues and, after the strong correction on the downside of Netflix, touches the same fate also to Facebook. In fact, after the release of quarterly updated company performance data, the stock began to tumble into after-hours trading on a stock exchange, [...]

Facebook sinks in after-hours trading

3 min read After many years of ultra-expansive monetary policy, the Bank of Japan could veer towards monetary tightening. For the sake of change, according to leaks leaked in the Japanese financial press, should be the policy of controlling the yields on government bonds, which the BOJ now undertakes to [...]

The latest news from Forex

3 min read The US dollar (USD) slightly loses ground on foreign exchange markets, after President Trump entered a tense leg on the Federal Reserve's monetary policy choices. Trump, in fact, expressed his opposition to further increases in the cost of money, which, according to him, could jeopardize the economic [...]

The dollar and the ruble under pressure

3 min read Finally, after a long period of flat calm, with prices moving sideways, the cryptocurrency market returns to steep price shares rising as at the end of 2017. To appreciate more this time is the Bitcoin (BTC), which reaches almost $ 7,500 with an important breakout on July [...]

The cryptocurrencies return to run